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    Style No. 4162 - Nordbo Cold Store Glove
    Nordbo Cold Store Glove has a 100gsm fibre filling, with 10mm foam on the back, which combats cold extremely well.Coupled with a waterproof 100/5 Polyamide Outer Fabric, and a leather palm - adding abrasion resistance and grip. An elasticated and knitted cuff gives you a secure and comfortable fit. ..
  • Style No. 4220 - Spit Fire Gauntlet
    Spitfire Gloves are a tough and flexible waterproof PVC coated sand finish glove, with an interlocked lining and inserted knitted foam providing protection as low as -20oC..
  • Style No. 4254 - Superthermal Fitted Glove
    The Superthermal Fitted Glove is a stretchable 13 gauge thermax & Lycra yarn, ribbed knit wrist glove, designed to act like a second layer of skin that provides excellent warmth for your hand..
  • Available Colours

    Style No. 4117 - Yellow Hide Cold Store Glove
    182R Leather Freezer Glove has a full thinsulate lining in a yellow leather hide outer. This glove can protect for temperatures down as low as -50 degrees. A long elasticated cuff helps seal the glove to the hand for secure fit but also for insulation for your hand..