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    Style No. 4111 - Cargo Blue Utility Glove
    The Cargo Utility Blue Work glove is a tough full fingered lycra/leather mix glove.Offering excellent comfort, flexibility and long lasting durability.With an elasticated wrist for secure fit it is a great general purpose glove for a multitude of tasks.Tested to EN388 standards, this glove is one ha..
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    Style No. 4107 - Cargo Carpenter's Pro Framing Glove
    Cargo Carpenter's Pro Framing Glove is a very comfortable, but tough and durable glove, with the index, middle and thumb finger tops exposed for using a pencil, or added dexterity if working with small fittings. The Lycra Leather combination not only offers a stylish glove but also a hardwearing non..
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    Style No. 4112 - Cargo Hi-Vis Joe Glove
    Cargo Hi-Vis Joe is a comfortable full fingered padded glove, made from tough lycra and leather with a high performance PVC grip on the palm. Suitable for use with class 3 hi-vis garments for work when visibility is poor, or for addition comfort, grip and visibility in any general task. Cargo powere..
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    Style No. 4109 - Cargo Pro Mechanic's Glove
    Cargo Mechanic Pro glove is a comfortable fit glove that has a tough fully lining and a hard wearing Lycra with a leather Velcro fastening. Knuckles and fingers have additional protection to dissipate shock from accidental bangs to the hand. Cargo Powered for work..
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    Style No. 4110 - Cargo Silicone Red Glove
    The Cargo Silicone Red Glove is a very comfortable utility glove.Made from a leather and lycra mix, with innovative silicone grips on the fingers, padded palm and a convenient velcro closure.It is suitable for a wide range of applications. Tested to EN388 standards, this glove is one hard wearing, t..
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    Style No. 4113 - Cargo Winter Snap Glove
    Cargo Winter Snap Glove is a tough cold weather glove, with a polar fleece lining for warmth. This full fingered glove has an elasticated wrist, padded palm, and high performance PVC grip and a convenient pairing hook for easy storage.Tested to EN388 standards, this glove is one hard wearing, tough ..